20 Aug 2012

Gama Organizerelor Personale Filofax in Romania, prin Novinger Klaus

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An iconic british brand, since 1921.  MAGAZIN ON-LINE:  www.stylo.com.ro

”Filofax … it’s a way of life! The world can seem a frantic place where we are constantly interrupted by beeps and rings. Even when we try to escape it all, we can still feel a little too accessible and available. Sometimes we need a space where we can just take a moment. Your Filofax personal organizer can help you strike a balance. It has the uncanny ability to relax and calm, to let your thoughts fly. It’s an intimate space to arrange thoughts and plan your life and ambitions. It’s about taking back control and making time work for you. In that sense, Filofax is a way of life.”

Gama organizerelor personale Filofax este prezenta si in Romania, din august 2012.
Novinger Klaus, distribuitor exclusiv Filofax pentru Romania.

Organizerul perfect, gama larga de coperti si dimensiuni, un accesoriu mereu practic si la moda.
Intotdeauna disponibile rezerve pentru interior!

Catalogul Filofax in romana, 2012


MAGAZIN ON-LINE:  www.stylo.com.ro


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